New 1 gallon Betta Aquarium cames with 3 dividers 3 one color LED lights ,sells for twice as much, new in the box, I have 4 of these.Nice
Top Fin underwater world aquarium Retreat 5 gallon ,new in the box sells for $49.99 at PetSmart I will sell for $35.00 ,comes with everything you need to get started Nice


20 gallon hexagon plexiglass aquarium. Everything you need. You must take the fish also, a couple tetras, danios, a pleco and a little catfish.
Asking $45. Will meet at a busy location during the day.Nice mid century rolling typewriter table by Gusdorf. Made in USA. Makes a cute small desk. This table is in great condition. There is seemingly a piece in the wood that looks like a split but we think that it is a manufacturers defect. The metal is shiny but has a few spots from age. Can be buffed out with steel wool and elbow grease. The...