Still have 1 prego female kune kune due around July 1st. $200 obo1 male kune kune $751 male potbelly $751 prego female due around Sept 4th. $1501 mother with 3 babies $250 allOr wait til July 1 and pay $100 mother and $50 re babiesWill trade for poultry.
I have FREE POTBELLYS. 2 Pot bellys around 2 years old, one male and one female. Also have 2 males and 4 females that are 10 months old come May 4th. ALL MUST GO ASAP Call, Text or email

Kune Kune

Completely selling out of pigs. These are good natured, easy care pigs. They have made me money. Reason Im selling out is its looking like my work will soon make it where I cannot be home everyday. Big sow is 1516 Kune Kune. 116 AGH The two smaller ones are unrelated. Both were supposed to be purebred Kune Kune when got them as piglets over a year ago. The big sow is 4 or5 years old. She produc...