Cochin Bantam chickens for rehoming. Lavender pairs are $35. Whites and buff lace pairs are $25. Pairs are one rooster and one hen. If interested please call . I do not respond to texting.
Up for rehoming are red or black bantam cochins. Sold by pairs only. A pair is one rooster and one hen. Rehoming fee is $20 per pair. If interested please call . Will not respond to texting.
Asil Roundheads, AsilHatch, HatchRoundheads Excellent health since day 1. SHOW FOWL Leave me a MSG at if your interested and I will return your call. Thanks
Game hens 25 each about 10 available 1 pair of miner blues 150, 1 pair of Doms 150, 2 Doms roosters 100 each call or text located in Searcy Ark
Large 10ft X 10ft X 6ft highComes complete with 3 ft wide gate and auto lock mechanism. Still in good shape. We used it as a chicken coop, but it will obviously still pen up a dog or several.
Game chickens. Hens 25 each roosters starting at 75 each, white doms, miner blue, bluegreys sweaterdoms, call or text located in Searcy Ark
We have 3-wk old, nicely started all-female chicks for sale. They receive NO ANTIBIOTICS in their feed. They will grow up to be great egg layers for you Hatched February 5.$5 each or 10 chicks for $45.Still need a heat l for a few wks but are well on their way. Call me with any questions. Were happy to helpBillianne Shaky K FarmHens Chickens Laying hens
You might want to check them out at our website. There are some short videos about our brand new chicken coops, and one showing how you can easily winterize them. $699- 5' H, 4' W, 4' L $799- 5' H, 4' W, 6' L $1580- 5' H, 4' W, 10' L
$790- 4x4 and 5' H. for 2-5 hens $1190- 4x8 and 5' H. for 2-8 hens $1480- 4x10 and 5' H. house up to 15 chickens Call us if you have any questions.
* 8x8: $1272 ** 8x12 $1840 All our coops were originally designed at our own family farm to house our flock. We tried them for years to be sure they were durable, convenient to use, healthful, and attractive - to the chickens as well a...
Spitzhauben chicks. Rare, very unusual, but beautiful breed. $8 each straightrun. NPIP certified. Read my thoughts on this unusual breed below. Spitz-HAW-ben. Go ahead. Say it slowly and laugh. I know that I laughed the first time I saw the name. I also laughed the first time I saw the bird. They are weird looking chickens. They are pretty chickens . . . in a weird sorta way. A Spitzhauben is a...
Rare lavender blue leghorn chicks. Production and beauty combined into one bird. $5 each straightrun. NPIP certified. Limited supply. Will go quickly.My thoughts about what makes this breed special -Isabella Leghorn - Our familys adventure into poultry all started with white leghorns, 4H Poultry Chain white leghorn pullets, to be exact. Neither our family, nor those unsuspecting leghorns had an...
I am selling BRAND NEW in the BOX fence panels. Never Used.This is No Dig multi-purpose fencing. Each panel is 3 feet wide x 44 inches high. Use for gardens, pet containment, chickens poultry, etc.Color blackIncludes36 Fence Panels Each is 3 wide. 36 panels x 3 108 total PN 79501040 No-Dig Fence Posts These are used to connect the panels together PN 795027 10 Multi-Purpose Fence Latches These a...
This is Dixie - she is nine years old and measures on the stick exactly 52 inches tall. Gentle with all our kids - dogs , chickens and goats dont bother her. I could not download the videos so I pulled stills from the videos trying to show her gait and neck rein.